Q. How do your fees compare to other online giving platforms, could we save money?

A. Absolutely! Our fees are lower than the competition! We even allow donors to pay your fees for you, so that your charity gets 100% of the donation. Check out our fee comparison table here.

Q. What type of charities can be listed on TripGiving.UK?

A. As long as you’re a UK registered charity, you’re in! All types of charity can benefit from online giving processing.

Q. What sort of transactions can be processed?

A. Pretty much anything – donations, appeals, tickets to visitor attractions, events ticket sales and sign-ups, memberships – and donors can optionally choose to gift their donation to a specific fund or appeal.

Q. Can you process recurring donations?

A. Yes, both via Credit/Debit card, and Direct Debit!

Q. Are there any monthly subscriptions or setup fees?

A. Absolutely not! Unlike the competition, it’s completely free to sign up with us.

Q. Who is behind TripGiving.UK?

A. TripGiving.UK is run by Tengo Software, a leading UK charity software specialist.

Q. Do you take a cut of any Gift Aid on donations / ticket sales?

A. We don’t! You get 100% of the Gift Aid, and you can claim it at any time through our system which integrates directly and securely with HMRC’s servers.

Q. How do I claim Gift Aid?

A. You claim your charity’s Gift Aid yourself at the single click of a button, through Tengo Software’s Gift Aid System and HMRC Submission Software. You could also benefit from using the Charity CRM software available fuly integrated with this.

Q. What’s the reporting like?

A. You have real-time reporting on all donations/ticket sales available online through the online reporting platform tengoCloud – and you can also submit Gift Aid claims to HMRC through it. Reports on all data can be found, they are customisable, exportable, and also TripGiving can integrate directly with Charity CRM, and EPoS Systems.

Q. When and how does our charity get paid, and how do we pay transaction fees?

A. At the end of each month, you’ll be sent a statement showing the total amount taken in the previous month with a breakdown of the fees (30p + 2.9%). At the same time, you’ll be sent a BACS payment for all sales, less the fees. Gift Aid is paid to you directly by HMRC. Payouts are only made if there is at least £50 owed to your charity.

Q. What do other charities think?

A. They really love the service! See an example testimonial here.

Q. How do we sign up?

A. Contact us today! To maintain the quality of our listings and verify requests are from authorised personnel within the charity, all listings are added and maintained by our dedicated team.