TripGiving.UK is the perfect place to raise funds online for your charity – whether you have a charitable visitor attraction, charity shops, or you’re raising funds for a cause, you can be listed with us for free and allow people to donate money, or buy tickets, for one low processing fee.

TripGiving Listing

1. Add or Claim your Listing

Contact us today to add your listing or claim ownership of an existing listing. Our team will verify you are an official representing the charity.

Man standing on street is collecting donations in jar.

2. Add a link from your website to raise funds

Visitors or supporters can be sent from your website or directed from your signage to visit your TripGiving page. They can make a donation or buy tickets, and even Gift Aid their transaction.

3. Get discovered by visitors or supporters

Visitors also use TripGiving.UK and associated apps to find great charitable visitor attractions near to them, or in any location they’re planning to visit.

And best of all? TripGiving.UK is completely free to all UK charities!

Like all online giving sites, there is a small percentage fee for payment processing on any donations or ticket sales, but there are no monthly fees or subscriptions to be listed. See how our fees compare here. Also, see our FAQ for Charities page.